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Light to Darkness

40.3 million people are currently trapped in human trafficking, an evil that is an $150 billion industry whose victims are 80% women and children in the United States. In an arena of darkness, however, even the smallest sliver of light brings life. Below is how and why we can and should be this sliver of light:
Yesterday was World Day against Trafficking, and I’m just not quite sure how to understand or explain the devastation of a world in which 40.3 million voices are silenced and lives are enslaved to others, in different ways around the world from forced labour to sexual exploitation. My heart breaks at this; all I know is that even one life entrapped in modern slavery is too many. Jesus died so that where His Spirit is, there is freedom (2 Cor. 3:17). Praise be to Him for the organizations and individuals that are working tirelessly to bring this freedom to every last one of the 40.3 million. This summer, I had the true blessing of serving with Hope for Justice, an organization blazing with light into this darkness, and my one prayer from my first day in June to my last day yesterday was that my heart would not be hardened and desensitized to the pain of those experiencing human trafficking in any form around the world. Today, I’m left with just two things to share: 1. Praise for Jesus that He has continued to reveal that where there is hurt, He promises healing, and where there is darkness, His light overcomes and will forevermore; 2. An invitation to you to join the fight for freedom. I have set a goal to raise $1,000 for Hope for Justice’s “Find them, Free them” campaign. By raising this together, we can provide emergency rescue packs for survivors cared for by Hope for Justice for 10 YEARS! Together, we can bring light to darkness; if you feel compelled to give in whatever capacity you are able or simply want to learn more about an issue that desperately needs awareness, please reach out to me using the “contact” tab on this blog’s homepage. Join me in carrying hope for every heart and soul to be free; Light. is. coming.

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