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1. Frothy Monkey: this place has my heart.
*my favorites: the golden milk latte (hot or iced) w/ a shot of espresso and an iced oatmilk latte with Tennessee honey
*they have a full menu as well, and while I have heard it is amazing, i normally sneak over to Two Daughters Bakery for a maple 100-layer donut w/ my coffee if I am @ the 12 South location (:
2. Three Brothers Coffee: the best study spot.
*a cozy little corner that is best for studying on a rainy afternoon or a sunny day when they pull open the garage doors at the front
*my usual: iced oatmilk latte w/ honey
3. Poindexter Coffee: the dreamiest coffee-shop-meets-hotel-lobby
*my jaw touches the floor every time I walk in the Graduate Hotel lobby even though I already know what to expect
*the drink that I dream about: almond milk cuban (a bit lighter on sugar is my preference)
*this place gets a bit crowded on the weekends with photoshoots galore of everyone trying to capture all the prettiness but still one of my favorite places in the week to crank out some work
4. White Bison Coffee: sunshine patio goodness
*not a “coffee shop” in the sense that there is no indoor seating at the location in 12 south but has two sunny, covered patios that make it the best place to spend a morning or afternoon
*ordered a delicious oatmilk vanilla latte
5. Starbucks: a convenient classic
*I could not do a little guide to coffee without including Starbucks
*I used to avoid it, but it has recently won my heart back w/ its convenience and closeness to campus
*recs: iced vanilla sweet cream cold brew w/ light cream and add vanilla cream cold foam,
healthy-ish pumpkin spice latte w/ almond instead of whole milk and 1/2 the amount of syrup, grande pike w/ one splenda and half-n-half
6. Fido Cafe: a yummy one-stop-shop
*cutest coffee shop + full menu restaurant in Hillsboro Village
*favorite: milk bone latte (+ village scramble plate or avocado toast if you are hungry)
7. Coffee A La Casa: could not forget the og !
*there are many nights I go to bed excited about getting to have my coffee the next morning;
here’s the guide to my cup of joy every day
*brewed coffee in a coffee pot topped w/ frothed milk (1 part Nature’s Bliss vanilla creamer, 2 parts half-n-half w/ a dash of cinnamon in my miroco frother from Amazon)

1. Broadway: what Nash is most known for !!!
*shop in the many boot stores, listen to live music @ every corner, and go into one of the bars/restaurants to stay a while if you want !
2. 12 South: my favorite Nash neighborhood
*i could walk on this one street for the rest of my life w/ its charming restaurants and shops (+ it has the famous “I believe in Nashville” mural)
*favorite stops: White Mercantile shop, MODA boutique, UAL clothing, BarTaco restaurant, Urban Grub restaurant, Frothy Monkey Coffee, Five Daughters Bakery, and Fahrenheit Yoga
3. Hillsboro Village: one-stop-shop for a Nashville afternoon
*another cute street for all things shopping and dining (+ the coolest lip wall mural)
*my favorites: UAL clothing, POSH clothing, Fido cafe, Taco Mama, Jeni’s Ice Cream
4. Nashville Farmers’ Market: hidden gem
*tucked in a little corner of the city is a giant pavilion of local farmers’ market heaven
*tons of vendors, a greenhouse, and a fun concept on the inside that has lots of little restaurant booths
5. Walking: the best way to enjoy Nashville’s weather
*if you need minute to slow down and feel like a local before tourist business takes over, go take a walk !!!
*two of my favorite spots: centennial park (home to the Parthenon replica) and Sevier Park at the end of 12 south
6. L&L Market: the dreamiest place
*stop by this transformed factory for some shopping and eating
*home to: Living w/ Landyn’s store, Amelia’s Flowers, the Milkshake Bar, and more !
7. RH store: the place I cannot live without
*i dream about the RH store in Nashville and would move in if I thought I could get away with it
*the best eye candy for an afternoon of walking through 4 floors of beauty with a coffee in hand from their cafe or a full belly from a yummy lunch @ the restaurant on the main floor
*go here; you will NOT regret it (+ it is right outside GreenHills mall if you are not shopped out afterwards)
8. Grand Ole Opry + all things Live Music: Nashville’s best !
*I could not give a guide on Nashville must-do’s without talking about live music !
*the Grand Ole Opry might be the most well known, but it is not the only place to discover the heart of country
*my personal favorite place to listen to music is the Listening Room where you have to reserve tickets online, but Broadway is always an option for 24/7 music without pre-planning !
9. The Gulch: another shopping/food stop
*if you still have not shopped or eaten enough, stop by the Gulch for more !!!
*home to restaurants like Biscuit Love and Adele’s and shops like Kittenish and Lululemon

1. Franklin Juice:
*the best acai bowls you will ever have
*my order: bombom bowl w/ added peanut butter (and nutella if you’re going crazy)
2. RH cafe:
*my favorite dining experience in Nash
*my order: burrata + crostini app, kale salad, grilled cheese or burger + truffle fries
3. Superica:
*could not forget a Mexican restaurant
*my order: queso to start w/ their amazing salsa + chips and steak salad
4. Emmy Squared:
*cutest rooftop or indoor dining restaurant
*my order: kale italian salad + colony pizza
5. Adele’s:
*i could eat this food for dinner. every. night.
*my order: kale salad + pesto gnocchi and finish w/ the blondie ice cream sundae (+ coffee if you’re like me)
6. The Ainsworth:
*this place is just a fun restaurant to go to and watch football or take cute pictures or just have a more casual dinner
*my order: classic burger + fries (but they have something for everyone)

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