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The Last Few Weeks Before Starting College

July 31, 2020

Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, or whenever you are reading this!

     I have written on this blog monthly since my freshman year, and now, we are in the July before I enter my first year of college and the beginning of the next adventure of my life. Needless to say… it is absolutely CRAZY to me how time has flown by! My only foundation for these posts has always been that they would be organic to my experiences and representative of my heart as I walk through different seasons of my life. Furthermore, my only hope for these posts has always been that equally as I write and then am able to process what I am learning, you would be encouraged in your own journey and what you are learning. Therefore, this month’s blog is a bit unusual for me but only out of respect to my foundation: remaining truthful to my heart in this season. Below, I have included a few words that I shared on social media about this “in-between” time and where it has landed with me. More than anything, my prayer for you is that my lack of words shows just how okay it is to be content in the in-between. To be honest, I do not have much to share right now as being present has sucked me into this time and left me consumed in these days before my life changes forever. My heart has been one of gratitude and presence, both of which are not always by go-to instinct but by commitment to embracing these next few weeks, have become my mission. I hope this sense of ease and joy carries into my next season of life, that these feelings would not only be found in the simplicity of this time but in the busiest of seasons as well. I pray this for you as well.

     My thoughts in this “in between time:” “Some days, my mood is like the second picture, so excited and so full of life for the next adventure. Other days, I wake up in a funk and panic feeling like precious time is slipping through my fingers before my life as I’ve always known it changes forever. This whole season of in-betweens, in between houses as my family moves, in between high school and college, in between the city I’ve grown up in and the city I’ll call home for the next four years, in between living 24/7 with my family and finding this new independence, and all the emotions in between nervousness and excitement that these transitions swell up in my heart has made for one big bundle of precious time this summer. I have learned a beauty in simplicity and a deeper joy in walking with Christ than I have ever known, yet at the same time, I’ve struggled with a gap in my days as my long-perpetuated cycle of busyness and meaning found in productivity came to a fast halt. All of this to say: here is leaning into new seasons, new adventures with open hands and more than anything, a grateful heart. If there has been anything I’ve learned this season, it’s that gratitude for the smallest of things makes for a joyful heart, so while you and I could feel empty for what has been lost in this season, we equally have an opportunity to be grateful for what can be gained.”

     With love,


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