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God’s presence in the simple

January 21, 2018

“His touch can make what you’ve discounted as ‘insignificant’ highly magnificent.”

     I received this quote as part of a morning devotional called Girlfriends in God that is emailed to me every day. I often too quickly read through these devotionals, ready to move on with my day, unfortunately. However, yesterday, this particular sentence held a lot of importance to me. So… I thought I️ would share! Far too often, life gets ahead of me. I feel like I’m just running to keep up. Simple tasks seem quite worthless and insignificant. I️ wonder why my homework or chores around my house really matter. Lots of times, they don’t. Homework and chores and the little tasks in life will not have a defining impact on my character or how I develop as a person. However, they are important. They can be magnificent (I know that sounds crazy), but I really do believe that with Jesus, the mundane and simple moments can blossom into vibrant and defining times. With Jesus, our ordinary lives become life-giving outpourings of love. Same is with every day; our simple tasks can transform into opportunities to share His love. This week, I travelled through Quito, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. It was been amazing to say the least. It is so much easier to see the beauty of Christ when you are LOOKING for it. In another country, I left behind my responsibilities in Atlanta and turned towards a week of experiencing the amazing views there. I saw amazing cities, restaurants, wildlife, churches, and views. Yet by this quote, I️ am reminded that I can choose to see just as much beauty and signs of God at home as I can in Ecuador. The difference is that while I look for it in Ecuador with eager eyes, I don’t even search for signs of Him in my normal routine at home. When we open our eyes and hearts to truly experience His glory, He faithfully reveals is to us. When we choose to steadfastly search for His beauty, we discover more than we could imagine. So as I journeyed back to the U.S. yesterday, the desire continues on in my heart to boldly search and be ready for experiencing God’s beauty in my very simplistic daily routine. It is purely our choice what we make out of our lives. We can live for the simple, dull tasks that amount to insignificant days, or we can choose to live boldly in what God really wants to do THROUGH our seemingly unimportant schedules. I need to live for more. My curious mind needs to believe in something greater than me, my life, and this world. My simple days can not be it. My simple days are not worthy. Yet, Jesus constantly calls me, and everyone, to live a life with a given, precious purpose. While everyday life might seem so simple, our spiritual lives can far outshine through the simple. His light can make the darkest days bright again. All we have to do is make ready our hearts and open our eyes to His glory. 

With love, 


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