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The Key of Contentment

Hi, readers! I am blogging to all of you as proof that we have survived the dive back into reality and the first weeks of school! I’m not going to lie; it definitely came with its challenges. However, more than anything, I learned a very important lesson through its ups and downs. This lesson, the extreme importance of contentment, is essential to every person’s lasting joy and endurance through the struggles of life. The idea of contentment is one different than the idea of being momentarily happy or excited. Contentment is an internal state of mind that perseveres no matter what external issues one might face. Content is a word used to describe a faithful child who has no food but still worships the Lord; content is used to describe a follower of Christ that has faced immeasurable hardships but still rests in the Lord. In the Bible, Job faced extreme trials. However, He remained faithful to the Lord and steadfast in his relationship with Christ. He said, “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life” (New International Version, Job 33:4). Even though he encountered incredible hardships, He chose to believe in the goodness of God apart from the evilness of the the world. The key to contentment is resting in the unwavering peace and love of God, despite how easy it is to become pessimistic in a world of corruption and sin. Sometimes it is easier to throw in the towel and believe the worst in everything, yet we know as followers of Christ that God has so much more in store for us. Contentment is planted in your heart when you choose to believe in the everlasting will of God and not what the world tells you. The definition of contentment is a state of happiness or satisfaction. True and lasting contentment is found in Christ. It is the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are loved and given invaluable worth by the Creator of the universe. This worth can be found in nothing of this world. This label of love, value, and belonging can be awarded to you by no one on Earth. This contentment is worth fighting and working towards. It will be hard work to remain faithful like Job even when we face trials. It may seem easier to give up hope instead of pushing forward. The important lesson to be learned is that no matter what difficulties we face in life, if we remain invested and rooted in God’s love and will for our life, the lasting contentment that comes with our faith despite our earthly trials will far outlast our time on Earth and any hardships we face. 

With love,


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